Bioregenerative and Bio Engineering Consulting

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Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc. is increasing its ability to deliver multiple layered planting plans for riparian and habitat enhancement projects, and for environmental engineers, plant selection can happily rest with a landscape designer.   By planting with a wide and diverse plant selection palette, Our Designs can work in B.C.'s climate zones.  We do search out information on soil horizons and ask for soil analysis when faced with particular sites that are challenges.  We like to use scientific research to help with choice of materials such as soils, soil amendments, structured soil, to aid in the revegetation process.  This is one aspect of our service that does not occur during the typical planting design process.  It is an analytical approach from a landscape designer who works within a scientific and knowledge based process of inquiry and investigation and enjoys examining the relationships between plants, their soils, and water.  Technicallly, it makes for a thorough approach to designing interventions for the restoration or the conservation of habitats.

Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc. is a member of the Canadian Water Resource Association and Donna believes in the importance of water conservation and maintenance of water quality.  Her education and experience with wetland design includes studies that use natural systems and constructed systems.  Recently Donna has completed 3 courses in bioengineering techniques for erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, and engineering methods for improving watershed quality.  A genuine appreciation of what engineering can achieve to improve or simply enhance natural systems, streamsides, and greenways for example, helps Donna to respect, understand, and engage in the process and the work with environmental engineers.   Our design team collaborates and enjoys working with soil scientists, botanists, physical and earth scientists, geologists, hydrologists, and biologists.

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