Our Philosophy

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Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc. started as a sole principal company looking to grow and give back to the communities of British Columbia.  In collaboration with other design and consulting professionals, Our Designs strives to produce quality design solutions in the areas of landscape design, therapeutic environmental design, healthcare planning and design, riparian and regenerative design and most importantly Universal Design.   All projects are developed with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach.  We have built a reputation on being thorough, careful, and detailed in our work.  Our best work has been completed when in a collaborative and team building business relationship as we integrate architecture, urban planning, and engineering disciplines with the landscape design. 

Established in 1992, Our Designs has over 20 years of education, experience and work in private sector industry. We believe in a multidisciplinary team approach, providing clients with unique, comprehensive, research supported, and best practice landscape design.  Subject only to our collaboration with other design professionals such as registered Architects, Landscape Architects, professional Engineers, Biologists and healthcare providers, all projects will receive immediate and thorough attention from Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc.  Our practice is consistently approaching challenges with unique outlooks supported by experienced, conservative, and competent professionals in environmental engineering, architecture, landscape architecture and the soil and biological sciences.  We firmly believe that the budgeting for environmental design services should reside with professionals having demonstrated competence in the disciplines we work with.  Each will be involved in any cost or design control teams that are built around a project.  Each will be called upon as needed to submit proposals on specific projects either collaboratively or as individual firms.

We do use available technology, proven materials and systems but are open, adaptable and versatile enough to recognize new and innovative technologies and alternate design systems.  We strongly believe in the power of nature and natural systems to restore and regenerate habitat.  We strongly believe in the healing capacity of nature and natural systems on the human psychophysiology.  And last, but by no means least, we strongly believe in designing and implementing safe design solutions to meet the rigorous requirements of municipalities and private owners for public safety and welfare.

We take time to create designs that care and we take paths that are often less traveled by, but in that approach, we will make all the difference.


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