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Welcome to Our Designs...

As a multidisciplinary company, Our Designs Inc. was incorporated in 1992 in British Columbia, Canada.  We have changed our name as of December 1, 2010 to Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc.

Focused absolutely on landscape architecture and human centered design, we began our professional design work  in 1988 specializing in Universal Design and Human Factors Research to provide aesthetically pleasing, creative, and healing outdoor and open space designs that appeal to a wide consumer group.  Our Principal, Donna Rodman, is now a registered Landscape Architect and a member of the British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects.  Donna seeks to improve equitable access to outdoor spaces through Universal Design.  Our Designs provides services in the design of green roofs, restoration design of ecologically sensitive areas, the design of constructed wetlands and planting design of riparian habitats.  We seek to integrate green spaces and green corridors in and between inclusive development projects, large or small.

We have building design and landscape architecture experience in institutional, commercial-industrial, multi-family housing, group home, and riparian/bioregenerative design.  Our design practice primarily does not work in private residential landscape architecture and garden design with the exception of designing for clients who want accessible features in their gardens.  Private residential designs are kept private unless permission is given by the client to post them on our website.

Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc. offers landscape architecture services that include:

  • environmental design for riparian and bioregenerative habitats, constructed wetlands, streams and sloughs
  • landscape design for developers of inclusive multi-family residential town homes designed for adaptability and aging in place
  • landscape design for commercial and industrial properties, institutional facilities including educational campuses and research facilities
  • healthcare planning and design that includes group homes, wellness centers, intergenerational and universal activity centers, general hospitals, psychiatric healthcare facilities, palliative care home centers for adults and children with their families, and neighbourhood medical and health resource clinics and pharmacies
  • healing garden and courtyard designs for healthcare facilities, multi-family residential units, and public institutions, private residential projects with unique therapeutic landscape features

Donna has extensive education and experience in Nursing, Urban Geography, Building Design and, finally, a Masters in Landscape Architecture.   As a non-practicing Registered Nurse, Donna has over 8 years of experience in ICU, Critical Care and Cardiac Care, and general rotations.  In 2010, Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc. invited an associate and long time friend, to join Donna in healthcare planning and design.

Judy Rowbotham RPN, GN, joined Our Designs with a focus in Psychiatric Nursing.  Judy, an applied, pioneering nursing professional, provides an unique dimension in the programmatic design of mental healthcare facilities.  While both Judy and Donna have experience in psychiatric nursing, Judy has over 25 years of core exposure.  Both Donna and Judy have identified that architects want to have a different approach to addressing the needs of staff and patients, particularly as mental health facilities are very different than any other healthcare building form.   We do not suggest that restorative gardens are an alternate health therapy, we do suggest they are vital components of the medical therapeutic milieu and bring a fresh, healthy, dynamic to healthcare facilities and wellness centres.

Our Designs enjoy working in multi-disciplined, professional teams and are happy to be either team players or team leaders.  We are trained in delegating responsibility and leadership.  As you see, we are growing in a direction which reflects our values and ethics in landscape architecture and are working hard to combine two nurture professions, nursing and landscape architecture.


We offer full service design in landscape architecture, universal design and healthcare planning and design and we have a track record in designing with effectiveness.

Thanking you for your visit.

Kashmir, Shalimar Gardens, 1985

DmR Watercolour

Inuksuk, Not Alone, Broughton Is., Nunavut, 2011

DmR Photo

Arctic Cotton for Qulliq, Pond Inlet, Nunavut, 2011

DmR Photo


Water is life: Many have lived without love, none without water.

W.H. Auden

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