What Inspires a Landscape Architect?

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What Moves a Landscape Architect?

To answer the questions:

1.  What makes you proud to be in landscape architecture?

2.  What is the coolest part of being in landscape architecture? 

3.  How does landscape architecture make the world a better place?  

“I’ve been able to maintain a focus on people, designing for people and caring about people.”  A landscape architect can create beauty, lightness, refreshment, awareness and a conscienceness about environment and our humanity’s mutual intra-dependency on it.   We can create designs with materials that are universal, natural, healthy, forgiving, and with the exception of public safety and welfare, we are not constrained as much as by corners, walls, and doors.  Our designs can be creative, healing, and appealing to a wide consumer group especially in outdoor spaces.  What makes me proud?  That landscape architects can be included in all professions:  architecture, engineering, geography, research, earth sciences, and life sciences.   That landscape architects come from all these professions and usually there are full career circles.  The circles always seem to come back to landscape architecture, the environment and people.  The circles all intersect at an important human attribute – nurturing.   I started out in nursing and ended up in Landscape Architecture.   

The coolest part is the sky is the limit if you wish to go far enough.  Imagination and vision are the gifts of a good designer and such gifts will take the profession far. 

 In any career, you can go as far and as high as you can when you want to achieve and make that difference!  Nursing taught me how to delegate, lead, give and sacrifice. Landscape architecture taught me how to bring earth, green space, beauty, healthy environments, clean air and clean water into my design work.  As a person who loves nature, people and the combination thereof which embodies the profession of landscape architecture, I believe that the human body and nature are parallel to each other.  Healing the human body and healing landscapes are intertwined. Taking those attributes, talents, and passion and putting them into a profession, that is Landscape Architecture.  Landscape Architects help everyone make a difference.  We help to knit the professional world together on design projects and make the work whole for the betterment of any project.
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