Soil: A Medium Essential for Plant Productivity

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"Soil:  A Medium Essential for Plant Productivity, Chemical Ecology, Primordial Play, and Therapeutic Gardens”, Canadian Nurses for Health & the Environment, September 2015.

Studies in Soil Sciences are increasingly exposing the varied and complex nature, properties and value of soil in our cultures.  Objective of this research paper was to prepare an article examining soil as a growth medium essential for plant/soil productivity, primordial play, and horticulture therapy.  A number of dated research studies released from classified research and more recently on line data searches support the value of working with soil as a healing modality for a number of ailments, for physiological and psychological restoration, and for rejuvenating garden spaces that must produce higher yields to support the human population.  The discussion of paper  introduced topics of soils and plant growth, primordial play of children, therapeutic gardens, and possibilities of future research

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