Garden Environments: The Vision Within

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Garden Environments:  The Vision Within was prepared for the Faculty of Landscape Architecture, The University of British Columbia, in December, 1995.


The restorative garden is among many varieties of gardens which incorporate human scale and functionally, beautiful landscapes, as well as address the physical, psychological, emotional and social needs of visitors and participants.  Such gardens were found in medieval courtyards and were part of the Christian charitable foundations attached to hospitals and monasteries nursing the unwell person.  John Hopkins Hospital (circa 1875) became known because of its pavilion style, accompanying gardens, sun decks and sun roofs.

The paper explains what the restorative experience consists of and offers suggestions on how to implement the healing experience.  The original paper was focused on stimulating the remaining senses of those participants in the garden who had visual impairments.  One of the objectives of listing design interventions in the paper was to reveal how to enhance the alternate senses in the garden to produce rich and pleasurable experiences which are remembered.

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