Universal and Accessibility Consulting

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While Architects are in the business of providing good architectural designs of buildings, they do need a fresh set of eyes on their work to help with the facility programming to meet the needs of differing user groups.  Some how, and it is possible because Donna did not grow up under the influence of television, Donna developed a good imagination - an ability to place herself into a floor plan and figure out how the space would be used at the macro, micro and human scale.  It is with this ability and her understanding of human physiology, aging processes, disease processes, that Donna reviews designs of floor plans and reads reports before designs are complete or implemented in the real world of construction.  Her value at this stage of the design process is high.  One of our clients had written to endorse her work as she brings to the design team a good understanding of the British Columbia Building Code and a Certificate in Technology in Building Design.  Having such credentials means she will understand the project criteria and the language of architecture which helps in communication and asking the right questions to problem solve.

In collaboration with other professionals, Donna can contribute to preparing feasibility studies, deficiency reports, and coach design professionals toward redrawing floor plans in areas where upgrades require additions or revisions in space planning.  Her passion for universal design does show in the communication and in the process of engagement, but Donna will be reasonable and pragmatic in supporting an Architect and their work, or understanding a private client and their needs and objectives.

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