Principal's Profile

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Donna Rodman, MBCSLA, CSLA (Landscape Architecture), ASTTBC Certified Technician (Building), CRNBC Healthcare Planning and Design (Healthcare Facility Programming)

Donna is the founding principal of Our Designs Landscape Architects & Associates Inc.  A Diploma in Nursing (The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C.), a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Geography (The University of British Columbia), a Certificate in Building (British Columbia Institute of Technology), and a Master in Landscape Architecture (The University of British Columbia), all contribute to her ability to provide design and consulting services for her clients. Donna has worked primarily in the private sector and has managed projects from both the consultant and applied design practitioner perspective. She has received awards for her professional participation within the life sciences scientific research community, her volunteer work with children, and the presentation of fresh and innovative design concepts centering mostly on people-plant and people-environment interfaces.

Donna completed her Diploma in Nursing in 1978 and worked as a Registered Nurse for over 8 years in Alberta and British Columbia, experiencing critical care, palliative care, cardiac care and intensive care nursing, as well as general practice nursing and neurological nursing care. Today, Donna is a non-practising member of the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. She left nursing to improve on designs in the built and natural environment to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities and become registered as a Landscape Architect.  She is a leader in universal design, speaking at various venues in North America on the benefits of access to outdoor environments and especially courtyard and garden spaces. Eventually her earlier years spent playing in site quarries, learning from a father who was a recognized Civil Engineer about ditches, streams, rivers and water bodies, plus her love of nature and all things outdoors, all won in her passion for design and creative human centered work. She embarked on completing her professional registration as a Landscape Architect after graduating in 1999 with her Master in Landscape Architecture. Among the many interests and goals she has in the profession, she still places improving life for all people including people with disabilities as one of her key missions.

Donna's fresh, out of box thinking has been noted by architects, landscape architects, and private clients.  Clients consistently note that Donna designs sustainable, equitable and green habitats. Lately she has been designing at both the human centered scale to the planning scale, creating green habitat environments between diverse land uses.  Donna also believes in bringing history (heritage landscapes that are timeless) and the future (landscapes as catalysts of change) together in design.  The hallmark of her work is focused on people and nature respectfully interfaced and affecting each other.

The majority of Donna's access experience has been gained by working with Architects who specialized in designing for people with disabilities. Acting as an universal design consultant, she has worked collaboratively with private clients and their Architects to restore garden environments within single and multifamily housing units that require accessible playspaces, private gardens, courtyards, and amenities for parents in wheelchairs who have children.  She has worked diligently with Architects in facility programming for accessibility of public institutions and healthcare facilities; and she has participated in advisory and committee groups to set down guidelines for accessible housing criteria for builders and developers.

Our Designs' customers are owners with unique design needs, architects, landscape architects, private corporations, public institutions, and government agencies. Customers benefit from increased public access to their businesses, programmes, and environments; good public relations; and the creation of caring and thoughtfully conceived environments.




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